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Directly fund heroic doctors providing life altering care.

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31,100 surgeries performed in 42 years of which 90% of patients were underserved I am a Professor and Senior Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon at the Public Health and Welfare Centre in Chennai, India. I have always wanted to become a doctor. My uncle was a doctor so I grew up with a love for medicine. I have a passion for helping children living below the poverty line with heart defects, who cannot access cardiac surgery due to financial constraints. Government hospitals are overcrowded and they either quietly die or become inoperable while waiting for surgery. This is unacceptable: our constitution in the Republic of India proclaims liberty, equality and fraternity. In reality, there is no equality. Only through fraternity, together, will we be able to save young children from dying from perfectly treatable heart conditions. With more funding, I would be able to perform 5 additional cardiac surgeries per week.

Dr. Sreemathi Seshadrinathan specializes in
      the repair of birth defects
Birth Defects
Chennai, India
Millions of women and children worldwide suffer from debilitating but treatable health conditions

Heroic doctors. Life-altering care.

Millions of women and children worldwide suffer from debilitating but treatable health conditions. The doctors that treat them are overstretched, under budget and poorly equipped. Samahope lets you directly fund these doctors, renew their patients’ hope, and give the patients back their lives.

Anyone can change a life.

We pool donations made by thousands of people like you, collectively increasing the impact that every one of us can have. Together, we enable doctors and nurses to provide life-changing treatments for the underserved.

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At Samahope, 100% of your donations go to providing care to a patient in need. We track every dollar, keep you up-to-date on where your money is going, and rigorously report on the impact your donations have on patients’ lives.

This is an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, to do something remarkable.

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