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My name is Robert Kalyesubula. In 1984 my father was killed in a war in Luwero Uganda when I was only 8 years old. My mother disappeared at the same time, and my …

Obstructed Labor Focus

Obstructed labour is an abnormal or strenuous childbirth or labor. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as a prolonged labor, haemorrhage, lack of adequate prenatal care, etc. A caesarean section, a surgical procedure where incisions are made through the mother’s abdomen to deliver the baby, may be required in a serious case.

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  • $247 per obstructed labor treatment
  • 24%: Equipment & supplies
  • 23%: Medicines
  • 18%: Treatment
  • 17%: Accommodations & food
  • 12%: Transportation & patient outreach
  • 6%: Training
  • $127 per caesarean section
  • 24%: Equipment & supplies
  • 23%: Medicines
  • 22%: Treatment
  • 16%: Transportation & patient outreach
  • 11%: Accommodations & food
  • 4%: Training
Nakaseke District, Uganda
Millions of women and children worldwide suffer from debilitating but treatable health conditions

Heroic doctors. Life-altering care.

Millions of women and children worldwide suffer from debilitating but treatable health conditions. The doctors that treat them are overstretched, under budget and poorly equipped. Samahope lets you directly fund these doctors, renew their patients’ hope, and give the patients back their lives.

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