Wangmo Thapa

Works in Chharka, Nepal (see map)

Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Center has reported 42 deaths and 1,117 injuries from the May 12th earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.3. The death toll from the April 25 earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.8, has reached 8,159 and continues to rise. Please consider donating to our Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund to help rebuild destroyed health care infrastructure.

To date, 388 safe births have been funded by my supporters. To amplify your impact, we need to train more Skilled Birth Attendants like myself. In Dhading, almost 10,000 women are pregnant every year, but less than 20% of all pregnant women deliver with a Skilled Birth Attendant present. This presence is the single most effective intervention to reduce maternal mortality in Nepal. With your sustained support, Skilled Birth Attendants like myself can secure safe and healthy lives for more women and children in my community.

My mother passed away while giving birth to my brother when I was just 11, and that was one of the leading reasons why I went into maternal healthcare. After I graduated from nursing school, I returned to Dho Tharap to work in my own community. I’m lucky to have received midwife training, to be a certified Skilled Birth Attendant and to work out of a new birthing center here. At first, the community didn’t believe I was qualified because I’m so young. But after providing care the first year and attending numerous complicated and high-risk births, I have gained the community’s trust. Women come to our center, or I am called to a home when there is a complicated birthing situation.

Wangmo Thapa is a member of One Heart World-Wide.

Training Focus: Safe Births

The 3-month training to become a certified Skilled Birth Attendant will teach Nepali nurses the necessary skills to provide essential medical care during pregnancy and birth and manage any complications. It will also equip them with safe birth kits necessary to use during deliveries, including pre-natal supplements, soap, a baby blanket and hat, and other supplies to minimize risk of infection.

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  • $1,000 per Skilled Birth Attendant training
  • 50%: Tuition
  • 30%: Travel expenses
  • 20%: Living expenses

Some lives changed by Wangmo Thapa

Please note: some stories are graphic and could be upsetting.



Nyima was in the second stage of labor with severe contractions when Wangmo arrived at her home. The baby was in a breech presentation, with its feet positioned first. Wangmo was able to make the necessary interventions, but when the baby was born he was having difficulty breathing. Wangmo rubbed his back and used suction to clear his airways, and he began to breathe normally. Both Nyima and her son are thriving to this day.



Tashi suffers from heart disease which puts her at high-risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Despite her condition, she managed the 8-day hike over 2 passes above 17,400 feet to reach a birthing center, all while being 8 and a half months pregnant. Tashi suffered very little blood loss and no severe complications, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Medical Credentials

Certified Midwife and Skilled Birth Attendant
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